adventures in postcrossing

Thanks to @summerltdedition, I have now discovered postcrossing and I’m kind of in love. Basically, you send a postcard to a provided person somewhere in the world (different each time) and then you receive one from a random person in return. It seems like a really fun way to experience different cultures and I’ve already written 3 that I’m ready to send to Germany, The Netherlands, and Russia! I’m really excited to get these sent off and receive some in return. 

I’m going to be posting the cards I receive over on my other tumblr: postsfromaway

Has anyone ever tried it? What do you think?

  1. summerltdedition answered: That’s really great to hear that :) Let’s do direct swap maybe :))
  2. flamingold2 answered: member for about 8 months, got over 130 cards officially…… and about 300++ cards unofficially through swaps. lotsa nice ppl. :D
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